Wow! What a November and then Freezing Drizzle tonight…11/21/2014

Wow! What a November and then Freezing Drizzle tonight…11/21/2014

Advisories for 11/21/14I know that I have been gone for a while. Most of it has to do with the season, both for work and personally. In the midst of the latest bout of snow that Northern Michigan just had, I was working, so I didn’t get a chance to blog this. I try to get to these things when I can. So with that in mind, here we go with the next storm…

First off, we had a few records that fell for snow fall with the two lake effect events that pushed through northern Michigan. Both were very similar with cold air entrenched in the Upper Great Lakes producing lake effect snow before the cold front then the snow with the front, and finally the west to northwest flow that came in off of Lakes Michigan and Superior. We had one of our busier Novembers that I can remember and I have been at this office for 15+ years. As I said cold air was entrenched, and the last that I saw we were, for the city of Gaylord, having the coldest November on record. This set us up for this one-two punch of snow that has now put most of the Northwest and North Central Lower, and East Upper Michigan into the most snow for November.SSM Record Snow The only consolation to this snow is that it has been rather fluffy with 20″ to 1″ snow to water ratios. This means that moving it by shovel has been less than if it had been 18 inches of system snow with its 10″ to 1″ ratio.

This brings us up to what happened. Now, we will discuss what is to happen over the weekend, and while rain sounds good, it does have its problems.

The first problem is that the cold air will remain in the region through the night, and into early Saturday morning, and with the increasing moisture, and forced upward into the highland of Northern Michigan, there will be drizzle, and with the temperatures still below 32°F we will have freezing drizzle. There is some expected accumulation of ice, so there has been a Freezing Rain Advisory (ice accumulations<0.25″). This will cause problems through the night as the Advisory is in affect from 1 am to 7 am Saturday. 94fwbgus

After that there will be a break, it looks like there will be just regular drizzle through the day and Saturday night. However, then the system developing in the Southern Plains will move into the Upper Great Lakes, and bring rain Sunday through Monday morning. The problem will be that the rain will melt the snow and it is looking like the amount of rain will be significant. This will be a system to watch. I’ll bring more through the weekend. Weather Story 11-21-14 pm

More Color!…10/06/2014

I started streaming my commutes and realized that they are pretty boring. So, instead, I’ve turned them into a learning tool. What I mean is that I’ve been doing a slow change into something that I’m hoping could turn into a second career for me in the long term. In the short term, I get to play with equipment that I’ve had a passion for. I get to merge my interests in Photography/cinematography and audio production. So I’m doing some time lapses of my commutes into work as I drive through some very colorful back roads in Northern Michigan. This makes the video much shorter, (3 minutes in tonight’s case) with a music bed and some self-aggrandizing text graphics at the end. Enjoy the color!…

Updating the Color…09/29/2014

I know that the weather is now damp and gray, the it won’t be much for color touring during this week. It’s not that the leaves will fall, but that there will be little in the way of sunshine to make it great. We are beginning to get to the peak here this week or early next week in the center highlands, with the areas near the Great Lakes about a half a week later. The U. P. is in very high color and it is showing up on the satelliWeather Story-09-27-14te images.

Color Ride…09/26/2014

This is from yesterday 09/25/2014 when I was on my way back from the office. I was streaming it on Ustream, when the app crashed in the middle of it. I was able to quickly get it going and restream, which is why there is blur in the middle of the ride home. The music is from YouTube’s editor.

Latest Fall Foliage Information – Updated September 26th

Latest Fall Foliage Information - Updated September 26th

 I haven’t had much time to post this, like I do every year, but here are the links to the Foliage Report for the Color Tour this fall. However, the office is keeping track and letting people know the weather along the way. Not to mention, you can watch the colors turn “up on the hill” where the office is located on the new webcam, as well as occasional shots of the treeline to gauge the color. The low to moderate is right.

One other thing, I will be trying to broadcast some of my drives, whether commutes, or what have you on my account. I try and tweet on my personal account and Facebook it before I leave. I also have it on my main site here.

Latest Fall Foliage Information – Updated September 26th.