Interesting Storm on Day 8…02/31/2017

2017-01-31-23_14_28-cod-meteorology-numerical-model-dataBefore I went into work last night, I saw on Bill Steffens’s blog that there was a storm brewing on one of the models for next Tuesday/Wednesday time frame. When I was at work, sure enough, it wasn’t on just one model but the two “big” models that we typically use. However, at this point, they are just “lines on paper.” Both models have two  different solutions,  a warm one (ECMWF) and a colder one (GFS). From a statistics standpoint, the low pressure is almost 2 standard deviations from the normal, during early February. So, it looks like a very wrapped up storm for this time of the year.  It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.


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