I’m Jeff.

I live in Northern Lower Michigan, and have for the last 14 years. I have 3 blogs. My main site where I blog mostly about ministry things, since I’m a youth leader at my church. I also podcast there as I learn about how to podcast.

I have a Blogspot site that used to be my main site so many years ago, when I was cutting my teeth on blogging. I still use it for sharing pictures and smaller thoughts. Usually, they are things about my family.

Then there’s this one. My main job is as a meteorologist. Before you ask, “What station?” I work for the National Weather Service in Gaylord, MI. This is a federal government facility where we issue the watches and warnings for 23 counties in Northern Lower Michigan, and 2 counties in Eastern Upper Michigan.

I started the idea of this blog, clandestinely with the original Northern Michigan Recreational Weather (NMIRecWx for short). I was podcasting the weather for the weekend, at home and with graphics. The production time wasn’t too bad, but then family, computer issues, and shift rotation took their toll. Eventually, we began to produce similar products at the office, and felt that I should close down the blog.

Then I was experimenting with Posterous. I liked the way that you could autopost and everything updated. I decided to rework what I was doing with my blogs and turned it into the weather part of Ministry & Meteorology? suite of blogs. Somewhere in there, Posterous was bought be Twitter. I saw the handwriting on the wall. There was about 8 or 9 months, from that announcement that they decided to shutter Posterous. So I looked at WordPress.com and Tumblr. I think WordPress fit my bill. So I ported the site over here.

So what do I do here? I write about the weather in Northern Michigan. I try to keep friends and family apprised of what is going on, by writing it here and sharing it through my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, and of course through RSS on which blogging it self runs.

Also remember, as a meteorologist for the NWS, I work rotating shifts. So I get to this when I can. I might not get all of the storms due to time and energy for my primary job. I do try to share things that we do at the office in my Facebook and Twitter feeds for this blog. You are likely to get more information there.


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