Edmund_Fitzgerald,_1971,_3_of_4_(restored)As the sun is shining over northern Michigan this morning, I pause to remember…

The remembrance is bittersweet, which, for a meteorologist, most are. The storms that gave us awe for the power of nature, also tends to take life. So we balance our excitement of a storm with the recollection that some people die within these storms…

There are about 5 different storms when I was a kid that kept me on track to become a meteorologist:

  1.  The April 3-4, 1974 tornado super outbreak
  2. November 10, 1975
  3. The Winter storm of January 1977
  4. The Winter storm of January 1978
  5. The tornado outbreak of May 31, 1985

The storm was truly remarkable, with a low pressure of 978mb when the storm’s center moved to just southwest of James Bay, which allowed for the hurricane force northwest winds over Lake Superior and rest of the Upper Great Lakes.

The hurricane gusts reached into southwest lower Michigan. Those gusts stirred up the ashes in our fire place, which had a set of glass doors on them, and left what looked like ghostly imprints of dancers.

Of course, later we would learn via Harry Reasoner and ABC News (probably WZZM out of GRR as well) that the S/S Edmund Fitzgerald was missing and was eventually found in 530 ft of water north of Whitefish Point.


Looks like some Snow Moving Toward Northern Michigan!…11/8/2017

Looks like sometime tonight, northern Michigan will get a small snow maker, with significant lake effect snow on the back end. So let’s take a look…Screenshot-2017-11-8 Slide 2 - webinar-2017-11-08 pdfThe big take away from this shows lake effect will be the driving factor with the winds in the NNW to NW band configuration. A lot of this will fall early Thursday morning just after the front moves through the region. It looks like there may be some lake enhancement as the front moves through as well, helping to kick the amounts up a notch, for the early morning hours.12z-09 NovLooks like the amounts begin to fall fast for the next 6 hours (7a-1p 10 Nov) as the front moves through the region. Keep an eye out, as this may be some fast pacing changes with this system.

00z-10 Nov.jpg

I Might Have Something to Blog About…11/7/2017

Hi All!

As my schedule has put the breaks on my blogging over the last couple of years, my recent surgery, has offered me an opportunity to blog about the weather again, while I am convalescing. So here are the questions about what has been happening from these posts from my main blog. (Developing my writing, Developing Pt. 2, Heart Story Pt.1). I opened up my Facebook to this post from the office…

I haven’t had a chance to dive into, it. Maybe later tonight, or Wednesday morning. It does look interesting.

Interesting Storm on Day 8…02/31/2017

2017-01-31-23_14_28-cod-meteorology-numerical-model-dataBefore I went into work last night, I saw on Bill Steffens’s blog that there was a storm brewing on one of the models for next Tuesday/Wednesday time frame. When I was at work, sure enough, it wasn’t on just one model but the two “big” models that we typically use. However, at this point, they are just “lines on paper.” Both models have two  different solutions,  a warm one (ECMWF) and a colder one (GFS). From a statistics standpoint, the low pressure is almost 2 standard deviations from the normal, during early February. So, it looks like a very wrapped up storm for this time of the year.  It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.