Winter Storms in Northern Michigan…2017

Here’s a video that I made about the winter storms in northern Michigan and the advisories and warnings that we get.


Interesting Storm on Day 8…02/31/2017

2017-01-31-23_14_28-cod-meteorology-numerical-model-dataBefore I went into work last night, I saw on Bill Steffens’s blog that there was a storm brewing on one of the models for next Tuesday/Wednesday time frame. When I was at work, sure enough, it wasn’t on just one model but the two “big” models that we typically use. However, at this point, they are just “lines on paper.” Both models have two  different solutions,  a warm one (ECMWF) and a colder one (GFS). From a statistics standpoint, the low pressure is almost 2 standard deviations from the normal, during early February. So, it looks like a very wrapped up storm for this time of the year.  It will be interesting to see what the outcome will be.

Color Commutes are Underway!…10/14/2016

Things have been pretty busy, and the color season here in Northern Michigan has been on the slow side with the warmer than normal temperatures.

Just as things were getting going, my wife and I went to South Carolina for vacation (a week ahead of Matthew) and then the day I got back, I went to work that night. Then I realized with the amount of video and pictures that I had shot, I was going to quickly run out of hard drive space. Luckily, I got paid to run sound for a wedding and bought a night 2 TB drive to go with the 1TB drive I have.

Between working nights and lack of hard drive space, I lacked the energy to get things going. However, I’m starting to catch up, I uploaded our drive home last week. I just uploaded the trolley color tour from Sunday, and I’ll put yesterday’s and today’s color commutes online, as well as a bit of a description that I did on the way into work tonight.

Here’s the list of videos so far…

Myrtle Beach, SC and Hurricane Matthew…10/08/2016

I’ll get some of the pictures together, but here is a link to a story with pictures and videos of the Springmaid Pier that was just a couple hundred yards from the Holiday Inn Beachfront Club, where Mary and I would hang out. All but 100 feet of the Pier is gone. It sounds like the other two piers (14th Avenue N and 2nd Avenue S) suffered damage, but not like Springmaid.

Color Commute Production is Underway!(Finally)…10/08/2016

22092749928_5869538815_bI’m finally starting my color commute production. After getting back from Myrtle Beach a week ago (I’ll have a post on the pre and post of Hurricane Matthew soon as well), I went right to work, as in work work. I was working nights through Thursday morning. Then a day or so to get my energy back. I’m finally feeling good enough to go through the footage of the trip home, to show some color. I also have my GoPro free of the footage as well, so I can start dash-camming. So I’m hoping to get the initial color commute out tonight. Then Tomorrow afternoon, friends of ours who own a trolley or two, are doing a color tour. I’ll have more footage tomorrow.

A small production note…I’m thinking of doing a VLog of the weather, that will be a mix of what Levi Cowen of Tropical Tidbits does, and Casey Niestat (YouTuber extraordinaire). Not a daily weather show, maybe weekly. Obviously, work dependent.

Are the Colors Changing Yet?…10/1/2016

This year’s colors have been slow to change, with the temperatures being a bit warmer than normal through the summer and now early fall. My wife and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC this last week, and while there were a few trees changing as we headed south, coming back today, we saw a lot more. With that happening, I’ll show a subset of our vacation video in the coming days and then start the color commutes. The color is beginning to get going.